Participate in the campaign and get these coy boys the TV show they deserve! Use the hashtag #GreenlightJakeandAmir and tag @tbsveryfunny on Twitter!

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Jake and Amir is a beloved web series that has been running on YouTube with CollegeHumor for 8 years. In the next few months the web series will be coming to a close. However, there have been talks with TBS for Jake and Amir to start their own cable television show using the characters from the web series. They have already written the pilot, they are just waiting to hear back from the producers at TBS. We are hoping that by tweeting at them and using the hashtag #GreenlightJakeandAmir, they will have no choice but to notice us and realize that taking on Jake and Amir as a new show would be a great decision for them. Even though the web series is coming to end, this is the perfect opportunity for the characters to live on. Join the campaign and tweet today!

Notable Tweets

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(This is indeed Jake’s mom.)

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